Hobbymate Garden Hose Shut Off Valve


Easy Water Shut-Off!

We have several garden areas around our property that we water, so we have hoses going in every direction. This hose shut-off valve helps a lot. When we are finished watering a section, we can shut off the hose right there instead of going all the way back to the main spigot. This saves a lot of water because I can shut it off as soon as I am done instead of just letting the water run onto the ground. It also works on outdoor spigots or washing machine spigots.

It is great for the washing machine because you can easily shut off the water after you do a load without having to turn the faucet off so no worries about a flood in your utility room from a busted water line. If you ever had a flood from a broken washing machine hose, then this is the solution. You will need two of these, one for the cold water and one for the hot water line.

It is made very well, strong and durable. The lever is very easy to turn and there are no leaks. It comes with a couple of extra washers for when one wears out. Overall, this is a very useful item. It is a water saver and a time saver.


From the manufacturer:

  • Classic ergonomic structure with an insulating TPR cover
  • A heavy-duty construction, withstands hot water temperatures and high pressure.
  • Easy-peasy quick connect. No need to wait for your husband or next year…easy-on swivel connector assures accurate connection to faucet, and full water flow right away.
  • Fix leaky faucets, save tons of time and water, prolong the life expectancy of hoses and spray nozzles, and keep your family safe, happy and healthy.
  • Great for shower faucets heavy-duty shutoff valves, solid heavy duty drinking bibs manifold adapters, quality coupling fitting washers

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