Predator Guard Scare Tape – Bird Repellent Tape

Predator Guard Scare Tape


Great Idea!

We have several fruit trees and a garden. We always have a problem with birds. One year they ate all our fruit. This tape deters them from landing without harming them. It reflects the sun like mirrors so they can’t land. We also have a problem with woodpeckers but have not seen them since putting some of the tape in the trees they like best. It was a little late in the season when I received this to test it on everything but just putting a strip or two out keeps them from landing. Next year I will be putting it everywhere and see if it will save my garden. A lot comes on a roll. It is easy to use. The tape is strong and seems like it will last several years even in the wind and weather. 

Tape4  Tape2 Tape3

From the manufacturer:

Keep Birds & Wild Animals Away From Your Precious Gardens, Livestock & Property!

Predator Guard Scare Tape frightens birds and other daytime predators
and keeps them far away from yards, gardens, rooftops, parks, ponds, boat docks,
private beaches, patios, balconies, any open outdoor area or any semi-enclosed area
with access to light and wind.

Simply attach strips of holographic scare tape to areas where birds & other animals
have become a nuisance and the wind and sun will move and reflect off the flash tape
creating a visual and audio annoyance zone birds & animals will want to avoid.

PREDATOR GUARD SCARE TAPE IS USED BY FARMERS & PROPERTY OWNERS AROUND THE WORLD – to frighten birds and other daytime predators and keep them far away from gardens, crops, property, boats & docks.

SCARE TAPE USES VISUAL AND SOUND EFFECTS TO SCARE BIRDS AND OTHER ANIMALS AWAY – The shiny mylar material shimmers in the sunlight, reflecting light in all directions and disorienting nuisance birds & animals. Scare Tape also creates a metallic noise as it flaps in the wind, adding an additional threatening sound to keep pest birds & animals away

SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE, LONG-LASTING – Easy to install in any area with access to light &/or wind

HUMANE, ECO-FRIENDLY – SCARE TAPE is proven to help wildlife and pest bird populations by causing them to migrate to more natural habitat areas where they are free from harm.

GUARANTEED PROTECTION FROM DAMAGE CAUSED BY BIRDS AND WILD ANIMALS – 2 inch x 100 foot roll covers 4000 square feet of area

Go to the manufacturer’s website for more info:   Predator Guard 

This product can be purchased from Amazon here:

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Zep Cleansters Sampling #Crowdtap #ZepCleansters


I am sold on Zep!   I received some sample bottles of Zep to try out.   Zep is a commercial brand of cleaners that is branching out into home use.  They are highly effective cleaners.  They make cleaning and degreasing easy.


Are you ready to clean like a pro with Zep? It’s time to fight germs and messes this flu season with two of Zep’s newest cleaning secret weapons, Zep Quick Clean Disinfectant AND the Zep All-Around Oxy Cleaner and Degreaser.

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Purex Crystals Aromatherapy

Purex Crystals Aromatherapy


NEW Purex® Crystals Aromatherapy is the latest Purex® Brand experience. The NEW Purex Crystals Aromatherapy scent infusions, and stimulate your life with peaceful bliss and boundless spirit with these soothing aromas!

Stimulate your life and infuse your laundry with these soothing aromas.

Purex Crystals Aromatherapy is more than an in-wash scent booster – it’s a way to express yourself and discover new joys in life. Floral and citrus scents have been blended with aromatherapy essential oils to infuse your clothing with indulgent and refreshing aromas that revitalize your spirit.


The new scents are:

Well Being – brightens any mood with the happy fragrance of fresh blossoms
Energy – helps you tackle any day with the stimulating power of citrus
Serenity – keeps you calm all day long with the gentle scent of water-lilies

Add Purex Crystals Aromatherapy into your washer’s tub (top, front-loading, or HE) at the start of the wash to supplement your laundry detergent. This allows the crystals to permeate your clothing with a personal expressiveness that lasts for weeks, not days.


I got a bottle of the Energy scent to try out.  It is great.   It is very citrusy.  It eliminates laundry odors and gives your laundry a fresh scent.  It smells energizing, uplifting and refreshing.  It is very easy to use, just dump it into your washer.  Use as little or as much as you want depending on how much scent you want.  I like a lot of scent so I use a full capful or more.  The scent lasts quite a while, almost until the next time you wash the item.  You can also place some in satchels and put them in your drawers to keep a fresh scent on your clothes much longer.

purex-crystals-aromatherapy-well-being2      purex-crystals-aromatherapy-serenity2       purex-crystals-aromatherapy-energy2

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Set Your Thanksgiving Table in Festive Autumn Elegance! #BBNshops


Set Your Thanksgiving Table in Festive Autumn Elegance!

You spend a lot of time cooking the Thanksgiving dinner in the kitchen, why not sit down and enjoy it with your guests on an elegant tabletop? Check out these 13 great items that will be sure to impress your guests this Thanksgiving Day. Most of these can be used year round. I love the handmade accessories, each one unique and the serving accessories that will make serving a lot easier. The decorations are sure to please and make everyone happy this holiday season!

A selection of tabletop decorations with organic shapes, material & fall harvest colors that celebrate the bounty from the Earth.

  1. Hot Skwash Pumpkins – Rich, velvety pumpkins in warm hues with real pumpkin stems. Handcrafted in Oregon. Centerpiece on the table, the buffet or adornment over the mantle. See them here.
  2. Branch iron candelabra – A rustic but elegant and certainly dramatic candelabra that holds 17 candles. Buy it here.
  3. Dripless pillar candles – A set of 12 dripless candles in a color to suit your decor. Save your furniture and table linens from dripping wax! Get them here.
  4. Leaf appetizer dishes – These glazed leaf dishes are the perfect size for each guest to use as appetizers or for the hostess to serve sauces, dips, olives… See them here.
  5. Pumpkin Dutch Oven – A perfect Oven-to-Table piece, and certainly one that is an ode to the season. By Staub. You’ll have it forever. Buy it here.
  6. Swirled tangerine glasses –  These goblets boast of seasonal colors and style. See them here.
  7. Root wood bowl – This one-of-a-kind wooden bowl is crafted from reclaimed fir wood. It is food-safe and perfect to serve dry foods such as breads. Check it out.
  8. Footed leaf tray – Highlight your hors d’oeuvres and desserts on this elegant pedestal tray. Get it here.
  9. Live Thankfully napkins – A set of 6 natural cotton napkins that are very à propos with the “Live Thankfully” inscription. Buy these napkins here.
  10. Wine carafe -A Stylish wine serving is to be had with this hand-blown wine carafe with an oak wood stopper. Or use it for water or juice. See it here.
  11. Wood candle holders – A set of 5 wooden candle holders, each with a different distressed finish. Love them for the Thanksgiving table and anywhere in the house for the rest of the year. Get the set here.
  12. Flicker LED candles – Perfect for the wooden candle holders and you won’t have to worry about them. The natural flicker will make you forget these candles are battery operated. Oh, and remote control is pretty cool. Get them here.
  13. Autumn floral basket – Preserved sunflowers, myrtle in orange and green, flax and natural wheat make up this decorative harvest basket. Put it anywhere in your home to announce Thanksgiving. Buy it here.

Give your guests an inkling of the festivities that await them inside by adorning your front door this absolutely gorgeous autumn foliage wreath.

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Stark Safe Cut Gloves

Stark Safe Cut Gloves


Great For Handling Barbed Wire!

I have used these cutting onions and my husband has used these in his shop. These are great in case a knife slips or if you are handling a lot of sharp objects like sheets of metal. Another way I have started using them is when we have to mend fences. I used to always wear leather gloves but these keep your hands just as safe and also you have as much dexterity as if you were not wearing gloves at all. These have a lot of uses inside and outside the house. Better safe than sorry.

2From the manufacturer:

– INDUSTRY LEADING QUALITY | 4X stronger than leather with EN388 Level 5 cut resistant protection. This product goes through a 3 stage quality assurance process for protection and peace of mind for our customers.

– SNUG FIT. These gloves are made to be snug for optimal dexterity and grip.

– LIGHTWEIGHT, BREATHABLE, COMFORTABLE | Breathes so you can perform tasks without extreme discomfort. Glove fits either left or right hand.

– FOOD SERVICE SAFE | Great anti-bacterial prevention with a protective layer between you and your tools. Made from food grade polyethylene and cutting edge silica based fibers. Great for ALL kitchens, restaurant or home!

– MULTIPLE USES | Great Food preparation and processing, chopping and cutting vegetables, potatoes, meat, poultry. Not recommended for large machine operation.

– WORLD CLASS SERVICE | We believe that you, the customer, should make the final call on product performance. Each one of our customers is provided a safety specialist who will help answer questions, provide care instructions, and make sure you are 100% satisfied! Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority!

This product can be purchased from Amazon here:

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Leather Nova Leather Cleaner

Leather Nova Leather Cleaner


From the manufacturer:

Leather Nova Cleaner – Taking Care Of The Leather Products Was Never So Easy!

• Enters the pores of the leather surfaces to easily lift dirt, grime and oil.
• The lifted dirt can be simply wiped away with our free microfiber towel.
• Reduces stains including the toughest ones.
• Leaves no messy or soapy residue.
• Prepares the leather to be treated with our Leather Nova Leather Conditioner for ultimate protection.

Cleaning with Leather Nova Cleaner is not just EASY, it’s 100% SAFE Too!

• Unlike other cleaners our product does not dry out leather by stripping essential oils.
• Contains No harsh detergents or toxic ingredients. Gentle on leather and safe for our customers.
• Prevents discolouration or dullness of leather.
• Maintains the shine, lustre and suppleness of leather.
• Safe for all types of leather, vinyl and plastic surfaces. (Except Suede or Nubuck).


Go to the manufacturer’s website for more info:  Leather Nova

This product can be purchased from Amazon here:

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.