Super Vites – Children’s Chewable Multi Vitamin Giveaway @Previnex @SMGurusNetwork #SMGN

Super Vites – Children’s Chewable Multi Vitamin Giveaway (3 Winners!) @Previnex @SMGurusNetwork

Welcome to the Super Vites – Children’s Chewable Multi Vitamin Giveaway (3 Winners!) ~ Ends 10/13

3 Winners ~ Each Will Receive a Months Supply of Super Vites Children’s Chewable Multi Vitamins. A $60 TRV

This contest is hosted by the Social Media Gurus Network!

Hallmark’s Itty Bittys

Hallmark's Itty Bittys

Hallmark’s Itty Bittys

Shop now at Coppins Gifts for these little Hallmark stuffed plush iconic characters that come in such a multitude of designs that they have become collectibles for fans of any age. Named “A Little Something to Love”, there are so many choices that they can fill the gift and toy ideas for many holidays and special occasions to come not only for children but also for other special family members, friends, co-workers, or given out to business customers.

The itty bittys are so cute and irresistible that you can’t pick just one, and more will be continuing to come onto the market to extend the choices. First introduced in 2013 in Hallmark Gold Crown stores after being conceived by Adan Chung, a Hallmark illustrator, when he was just doodling, the popular collection has grown from eight characters then to over 100 characters now. Adan has spent a great deal of his nine years at Hallmark bringing these plush characters to life.

The year 2016 saw the arrival of Celebration itty bittys which are ideal for weddings and birthdays, a Star Trek 50th anniversary collectors set, a Beauty and the Beast set for their 25th anniversary, and other collections. There are also the Create Your Own blank ones so that fans can add their own creative features.

New characters are released throughout the year, and a collector has to buy them when they become available and hold on to them because they are eventually retired. Some are limited editions, and some are seasonal releases for holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Easter and Christmas.

Chosen are some of the most iconic characters from movies, television, and comics. Their totally new look and small stature at three inches wide and four inches high are sweet, unique, and lovable. They are perfect to stick into a Christmas stocking, a Valentine, an Easter basket, a school lunchbox, a backpack, or along with any other type of gift.

Disney Princesses join DC Comics Superheroes, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Pirates of the Caribbean’s Captain Jack Sparrow with his distinctive hat and red bandana, Peanuts Trick-or-Treat, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Disney’s Alice in Wonderland and Mad Hatter, Green Lantern, Batman, Kung Fu Panda, Snoopy, Cowardly Lion, Darth Vader, Star Wars Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot 40th Anniversary Special Edition, and more.

Even the MLB Mascots are available from the KC Royals, Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals, NY Mets, NY Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Atlanta Braves, and more teams.