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Titan Pink & White Paracord Blowout Sale!


Super Inventory Blowout Sale on both Titan Pink Paracord and Titan White Paracord… normally $15.99 on sale for $9.95!

The pink and white colors are on sale for a great price.  These colors will make great accent colors in your bracelets and keychains.  This is a very versatile and useful item for prepping, camping and emergencies.  I did a review on the pink paracord here.

Get yours before the price goes back up.

Trusted and used by U.S. and Canadian Defense Forces, the U.S. Coast Guard, and outdoor enthusiasts around the world. Titan’s Superior Quality means Superior Performance.

– Titan Paracord has a Minimum Guaranteed Tensile Strength of 550lbs.
– 100% Bump-free, Bulge-free, Kink-free.
– Made to Military Specifications w/Colored Government Contractor Marker Inside

Titan Paracord is made from 100% Nylon, measures 5/32″ in diameter, and contains 21 individual strands, braided into seven seriously-strong 3-strand yarns. Its official military designation is MIL-C-5040H, Type III, 550 Paracord. Titan Paracord is the ultimate utility cord, and is also known as 550 Cord, Parachute Cord, or Survival Cord.

Typical utility uses for Titan Paracord include:

– Securely tying down items to the top of your vehicle or tying small items to your backpack or waist when hiking.
– Hanging a rucksack from a tree to keep your food away from critters or Stringing up a clothes-line to dry out wet clothing.
– Stringing up a trip wire to rig an area by tying cans, chimes, etc. to the cord to alert you of intruding animals.
– In addition to its general utility functions, Titan Paracord is also excellent for Survival Kits, Bug-Out Bags, and Vehicle Emergency Kits.

Typical survival situation uses for Titan Paracord include:

– When threaded with beads, use as a pace counter to estimate distance covered by foot.
– “The guts”, or individual yarns of the core, can be removed when finer string is needed for fishing line or sewing gear.
– Slowly lowering your equipment or an object down from a higher plane.
– Securing a makeshift splint or creating a makeshift sling.
– Creating or Rigging a pulley system to lift a heavy object.

Coosh Upper Arm Digital Blood Pressure Monitors

Coosh Upper Arm Digital Blood Pressure Monitors

Aviary Photo_130807981122402423

I had the pleasure to be able to review 2 models of blood pressure monitors from Coosh.  Both of them are easy to use and very accurate.  They both save your readings so you can compare your pressure over time.  They are compact so are easy to bring with you for traveling or just your daily activities.  The cuff is comfortable and is marked with full instructions on how to place it on your arm.  Everyone should check their pressure periodically especially if they have ever had high blood pressure and this makes it easy to do it at home in minutes.

CBMP002 model saves 30 readings while the CBPM001 saves 90 readings.  The CBPM001 also includes a carrying case.  Right now they are both on sale for $19.99 so they are both great deals.  I would get the one with the carrying case since it also keeps 90 readings.

From the manufacturer:

Coosh Intelligent Upper Arm Digital Blood Pressure Monitor


  • Large and Clear LCD Display
  • WHO Classification Indicator
  • Memory can store 30 measurements
  • Intelligent, Automatic Measurements


Coosh Upper Arm Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with Large LCD and 90 Memory Capacity


  • LCD Backlight
  • Date/Time Function Display
  • WHO Classification Indicator
  • Intelligent Automatic Measurements
  • Carrying Case Included

These products can be purchased from Amazon here:

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.