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Thank you to all of the bloggers promoting this giveaway! I appreciate all of you for your hard work and helping our readers get really awesome prizes!

Back2School Celebration Multi-Prize $1200+ Combined Prize Giveaway!

This year’s #Back2School event is giving one lucky winner twelve-plus prizes to help make starting school a little easier. The winner will receive everything from homeschool classes for the year, to educational toys for their toddler, AND Back to Campus gear your college student needs! Celebrate learning with all of your children, big and small! Learn more about the prizes below AND good luck to all who enter! ~ Victoria

Snap Circuits Classic from ELENCO

ENTER TO WIN a Snap Circuits Classic Electronics Exploration Kit from ELENCO! Snap Circuits Classic can be used to make interesting circuits, encouraging educational play that teaches your future engineer about electricity. All of the parts have colored graphics that represent their real electronic names and symbols. This educational toy comes with a complete instruction manual and project guide that helps you to guide your child through exploring over 300 experiments –no soldering required. The color-coded parts combine to create working circuit boards just like the ones found inside televisions, radios, and other electronic devices. With easy-to-follow instructions, Snap Circuits gives your child a hands-on education in how electrical circuits run the devices they use everyday. Visit ELENCO to learn more about Snap Circuits and all of their innovative and educational toys that encourage children to “learn by doing!”

Superior Source Vitamins Giveaway!

Time to gear up to a healthy school year for your children with Microlingual® tablets from Superior Source! Your kids will enjoy taking Superior Source Vitamins because there are NO PILLS TO SWALLOW! With over 180 vitamins, there are vitamins for everyone, young old and every need. Best of all, Superior Source Vitamins are MicroLingual® with “Under the Tongue Technology” that works fast, and are quickly absorbed into the body, dissolving in seconds. Did you know that…by swallowing supplements, as much as 50% of the potency is lost in the high acid environment of the stomach?

Give the kids the gift of health in #backtoschool vitamans and #WIN $60 #giveaway of @SuperiorSource #NoPills2Swallow!

What Makes Superior Source Vitamins Unique? With Superior Source Vitamins, there are no pills to swallow because SSV dissolve in seconds! They are GMO FREE and Sugar FREE, 90% smaller than regular vitamins, NO binders, fillers, dyes or preservatives, created from only 3 clean ingredients, AND over 180 vitamins to choose from!

College Prep Science Giveaway!


College Prep Science #Homeschool #HomeschoolScience


About College Prep Science

College Prep Science is a Christ-Centered Focus Program. The purpose of “College Prep Science” is to give homeschooled students access to high level science that is focused on scientific inquiry, critical thinking, process reasoning, data collection, and the graphical and written representation of research. Greg Landry, Founder, College Prep Science, says, “we want to prepare competent, confident students for their remaining high school years, their college years, and life. The fact that our classes and labs are taught from a Christian / Creationist worldview does not mean they’re ‘watered down.’ Quite the contrary – they are very challenging.”

SMILE! SOX™ 6-Expressions Assortment Giveaway!

All opinions expressed herein are my own!

New SMILE! SOX™ Brand Lets Kids (of all ages) Express Their Inner Joy, Goofiness, Grumpiness & Happiness With Colorful, Fun & Versatile Line of Affordably Durable Socks! Taking the phrase “Nothing you wear is more important than your smile!”, a NEW innovative brand called SMILE! SOX™ is being introduced to help everyone from little kids, to tweens, teens, and women to share their innermost feelings in the most creative, colorful, and eye-catching manner possible.

Wear A SMILE! Every Day” with the NEW line of #SmileSox for kids, tweens & women to express their inner joy, goofiness, grumpiness & happiness with colorful, fun & versatile line of affordably durable socks. WIN 6-pair 6-expressions of @SmileSox

Wear A SMILE! Every Day this Back-to-School Season!

The new SMILE! SOX™ line consists of six different sets of six socks featuring facial expressions running the emotional gamut from joy to crankiness to playfulness. Meet the SMILE! SOX™ family:

Womple Studios Giveaway!

Don’t let the end of summer be the end of your travels! Give your kid-explorer the gift of WompleMail and let their summer adventures continue all year long. WompleMail is a snail-mail subscription that sparks your kid’s curiosity and love for the world and different cultures by delivering fun pen-pal packages 2+ times a month with stories, activities, and adventures about off-the-beaten-path places.

WompleMail by Womple Studios. Learn about Unique Destinations 2x a Month!!!

Why WompleMail?

Kids are naturally curious about things that are “different.” That’s why WompleMail teaches them about unique and awe-inspiring destinations that your kids (and maybe even you) haven’t heard much about. Visit a different place every month through letters and activities sent by a traveling Womple companion: mysterious sculptures on Rapa Nui, biological preserves in Madagascar, the southernmost city in the world in Tierra Del Fuego, and many more.