Making Friends With Your Sheep

Making friends with your sheep is very important. When they trust you it is easier to work with them, such as when you have to catch them for shearing, medication, etc.

Sheep are incredibly skittish creatures, it can be very difficult to earn their trust enough for them to be at ease with you.  However, we have found a number of ways to develop a relationship where a measure of familiarity and trust can be had; though in some cases no such bond is possible.  Some individual sheep have a well-developed fear and suspicion of everything you do and little can be done to change this condition.

Perhaps the most important step to developing a “calm” relationship with an animal is to begin to develop a relationship when they are very young; this is easiest with orphans and lambs that have calmer mothers. Some of our closest friends among the flock are lambs that lost their mothers or were abandoned by them. We have had a small number of them that are so calm and comfortable with us that they become part of our family.

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