Celebrities Share their Weird Pregnancy Cravings

We all know how pregnancy can affect the appetite, and we can have the oddest cravings (and dreams!), in addition to the fact that we can be extremely disgusted by foods that we enjoyed while we weren’t pregnant. When you are trying to conceive, you never think about the day you are pregnant and demanding pickles and ice cream!

For instance, in my case, I am a beef eater in normal circumstances. However, while I was pregnant, I was extremely turned off by beef. I used to make fajitas for dinner and I would cook up ground up beef. Well, during pregnancy I couldn’t do that, let alone be around it.

I personally did not have any odd cravings that I can recall, but so many pregnant women do and it is quite common. In fact, after doing some research online to see what pregnant celebrities have revealed about their own cravings (and turn-offs), it was fascinating to know how diverse and strange these pregnancy cravings can be.

In fact, one message that these pregnant celebs share is that when you are expecting, you can crave foods that you haven’t touched in years, or you can stop eating something that you love altogether like I did when it came down to beef.

The quintessential pregnancy craving is pickles and ice cream, but I can tell you in my case that didn’t happen. What these celebs share about their cravings, some are even stranger than that.

Want to hear about celebrity pregnancy cravings?

Kim Kardashian West

When Kim Kardashian West was pregnant both times, she stated that she wanted everything cheesy! The reality star stated that as long as she had cheese regardless of what it was on, usually chili cheese fries, that was enough to satisfy her.

In fact, when Kim was expecting North, she shared a picture of her over-the-top cheesy fries. Apparently, the cheese was so over the top that it was spilling over the container. She must have looked for ways to lick the running cheese down as well.

Behati Prinsloo

The model Behati Prinsloo is expecting her second baby with Adam Levine of Maroon 5. In fact, Levine can’t believe some of the stuff she is craving such as fries dipped into a milkshake as well as Tajin seasoned apples. That makes pickles and ice cream appear quite normal under the circumstances! The only thing that I would dip my apples in, pregnant or not was cinnamon but certainly not Tajin seasoning! That is certainly a first.

Chrissy Teigen

Model Chrissy Teigen stated when she was pregnant with Luna, she had a specific craving for large burritos. Her husband John Legend stated that she was having a strong craving for sweets to the point that she bought 50 donuts. Wow. It is amazing how much of a bottomless pit you can be when you are pregnant if your appetite is strong and there is no sickness involved.

Blake Lively

Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively stated that her biggest pregnancy craving has been dark chocolate. Because she doesn’t like anything too sweet, dark chocolate is perfect for her. Dark chocolate is sweet and bitter, and that is what she obviously craved.

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney stated that she had the same cravings during all of her pregnancies, which was Nilla Wafer cookies, as well as pickle and cheese sandwiches. That is certainly an interesting craving that very few have heard of. In fact, she stated that whenever she mentioned that to anyone, they were disgusted.

Carrie Underwood

Singer Carrie Underwood allowed herself to eat anything she normally couldn’t while she was pregnant. For instance, she would wake up in the night hungry (which she claims that she has not done before) and would eat Pop-Tarts which is something she rarely touches otherwise. Even though Pop-Tarts is not considered to be an odd pregnancy craving, she still rarely ate it while she was not pregnant.

Mila Kunis

The Ukrainian-American actress, Mila Kunis claimed that her appetite was very different during her first and second pregnancies with Ashton Kutcher. She said with her first pregnancy she hardly had aversions and even craved sauerkraut.

However, with her second pregnancy, she said she could not get enough vinegar. She put vinegar on everything, especially Greek salad. However, since she is an avid carnivore while she isn’t pregnant, she said she was extremely put off by meat during her second pregnancy. But she was able to eat eggs all day long. Whether the eggs were hard-boiled, scrambled or deviled, it is what she craved.

Jessica Alba

Alba claimed when she was pregnant, she wasn’t necessarily put off by any foods but she had to have watermelon. She had an intense craving for watermelon and would not be satisfied unless she had that watermelon. She could have a satisfying dinner consisting of burger and fries, but it was never enough if there was no watermelon for dessert.

Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon of The Orange Is the New Black stated when pregnant she was eating foods that she hadn’t eaten for ages. She had an intense craving for Jewish deli food such as pastrami on rye bread, pickles with sauerkraut and mustard. She said she just couldn’t get enough of that kind of deli and ate it all the time during her pregnancy.

Ellie Kemper

Actress Ellie Kemper said she has been addicted to only Ben and Jerry’s ice cream while she was pregnant. She doesn’t normally eat it otherwise, but while pregnant she couldn’t get enough. She even felt ashamed of eating so much of it because of it being so high in sugar but she again was unable to get enough of Ben and Jerry’s.

So there you have it, these celebrities share that pregnancy cravings can be either odd combinations of foods or eating foods that they normally didn’t touch when they weren’t pregnant or had aversions to foods that they loved.

Having pregnancy aversions is normal like in my case with ground beef, but it is fascinating to read how diverse these kinds of cravings can be.


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