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Very Useful and Sturdy Colander!

I use a colander almost daily. They come in very handy for washing vegetables from the garden in addition to the regular uses of draining pasta, etc. This one is great because it is stainless steel so it is sturdy, will never rust and will not leave any chemicals on your food. I also love that it is raised up on the bottom so your food is not sitting in water that has touched the sink. It has nice sturdy handles so is very easy to move around and shake out the water. It is the perfect size for a pound of pasta. I bring it outside when I collect and rinse my strawberries and tomatoes from the garden. It is very easy to clean, just rinse it out if you are using it for veggies. It is completely stainless steel and very sturdy so should last a very long time unlike some of the plastic ones I have had that crack within a few uses.


From the manufacturer:

Pro Chef Tools bring restaurant-quality kitchenware right into your home, and for a lower cost than you probably imagined. These professional chefs create kitchen appliances for the home chef, incorporating features and design elements which make this perforated bowl exactly what you need in your home kitchen.

When you buy from Pro Chef Kitchen Tools, you’re buying the best. Not all colanders are the same. You want to avoid plastic and silicon since they can melt, warp and interfere with the taste of your food. Stainless steel is easy to clean, safe to handle and practically impervious to harm.

The stable base allows you to safely strain hot liquids even in busy and wet kitchen environments. Micro-perforations let the liquid quickly drain away while keeping the food safe in the bowl. The entire colander is easy to carry. Aside from straining, this is also a great solution for grease cooking, splatter control, frying, sautéing and other liquid-heavy cooking.

The colander easily fits into most cabinets. But you might not be in a rush to hide this beauty. The mirrored finish and classic style mean this is a strainer which will fit into any kitchen style from modern to rustic. The non-stick stainless steel material is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Anyone who loves to cook knows the importance of a high quality colander. The Pro Chef Kitchen Tools round 3 quart colander is strong, stylish and efficient. Buy one today for the chef (or aspiring chef) in your life.

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This product can be purchased from Amazon here:


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  1. This is so nice. Mine is plastic and I do not like it much. Thank you so much for sharing this

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