Engraved Plaques for Motivation, Recognition, Remembrance

There are a number of reasons to buy an engraved plaque.  You can get them to give to your employees or students to motivate and reward them for a job well done.

Or you can get them for yourself or your business to tell visitors about accomplishments or facts.  They also make good memorial markers for locations or people.



Name plaques and wall plaques show professionalism and permanence.


There is a sense of accomplishment and pride to show off your company name or history in the entry way of your establishment with an engraved plaque.


Engraved plaques are also a great memorial and remembrance of loved ones.


They are very much appreciated for sports, career and school accomplishments.


Everyone likes to be recognized for their efforts.  What better why to recognize them than with an engraved plaque.  Engraved plaques can be enjoyed for years to come since they last almost forever.  The recipient can proudly display their plaque for all to see.  They will remember their achievement proudly and be able to let others know of their accomplishments by hanging the plaque in their home or office.


It is also a great motivational tool for employers or sport teams.  Everyone wants to win the plaque.  It will promote competition and excellence in the field.


Even a basic, cheap plaque will do the job of motivation and recognition.


At Award.com, a plaque engraving company, they do custom engraving so you can custom design your own plaque online, get an instant proof and preview.

They have a wide variety of plaques available, all can be personalized to your specifications.

Award Someone Today!


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