Up All Night Blogging Twitter Blog Hop #1


#UANB Twitter Hop #1

Welcome to the Up All Night Blogging Twitter Blog Hop #1. In an effort to get as many Twitter followers for everyone as possible, we will be hosting a weekly Twitter Hop. If you would like to signup to Co-Host or Sponsor next week’s Twitter Hop, you may do so at http://bit.ly/TwitterHop2. Be sure to follow ALL 5 Steps when participating in this Twitter Hop.

1. Follow Your Hosts:

Up All Night Blogging

2. Follow Your Co-Hosts


3. Follow Your Sponsors

Bloggin with NiNi



Up All Night Blogging - Facebook Blog Hop


5. Add Your Link


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  1. For some reason when I click on your link for the twitter hop it brings me to your blog rather than your twitter page. Trying to find your twitter link on your blog

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