8 Tips to Fight Boredom in a Post Collapse World


What would life be like post-collapse? One can only imagine. No Internet? Probably. No food? Likely. Is it going to be boring? You bet. As a kid growing up in communist Romania, I can attest that not having anything to do all day on my grandparents’ homestead can be pretty boring. But I got used to it because kids can get accustomed to anything. The question is, how will you cope with it?

In what follows, I’m going to talk about some of the ways to make time pass in a post-collapse environment. Some of them I knew back then, others I learned as I grew up. Regardless, I think you’ll find them interesting and reasonable.

#1. Stock Up on Board Games and Puzzles

I loved board and card games as a kid. Now everyone’s playing on their tablets and phones, but once the batteries are dead (or fried, in case of an EMP), a good old game of chess or Monopoly will make time go by faster.

You may not have a partner to play real live chess with today (though you can find dozens of thousands online) but you’ll find plenty if and when the lights go out. And guess what: if you’re the one stocking up on these board games, everyone will come to your house! Now, whether or not you want lots of people near your stockpile is a good idea, that’s another story, but let’s not get too pessimistic just yet. I’ve got 7 more ways to entertain you.

#2. Goals

I didn’t have life goals as a kid but I’m 100% sure that I will if the big one hits. Ok, so they won’t be as lofty as some of the ones I have today but they’ll be related to keeping me and my family not just surviving but also thriving.

#3. Animals

As a kid, I loved animals. Chicken, cattle, ducks, pigs… they can be fun to play with in a world where everyone gives love to dogs and cats.

#4. Visiting Family and Friends

I have quite a few relatives in the village where I have my bug out retreat, so I know I’ll have people to talk with if I were to live there permanently. I think that, once the dust settles, human contact will be just as important as knowing to avoid some people and keeping your mouth shut. If you haven’t chosen your bug out location just yet, this may be something to keep in mind.

#5. Spending Quality Time with Your Spouse

I think you know what I mean when I say “quality time”, right? J Condoms are one of those things that are impossible to manufacture post-collapse (unless you’re willing to use lamb intestines like back in the old days). An added benefit is that they’ll make one heck of a bartering item.

#6. Outdoor Games

Games like hide-and-seek may seem ridiculous for grown-ups but not if you have kids, or will have kids post-collapse. That also depends on how much you stock up on the item we talked about previously.

One thing you’ll want to do is print out the rules for these games. If you won’t have access to the Internet, it’s likely you won’t remember some of the rules. Print all the rules and the different variations them to avoid arguments and even fights, as some people are more competitive by nature. Some of the games to consider besides hide-and-seek:

  • giant beer pong (use buckets or even 55-gallon barrels and a ball)
  • dodge ball
  • badminton
  • jump rope (it will give you quite the work-out)
  • hopscotch
  • darts
  • …and many more.

#7. Hobbies

The survival skills you learn today may become tomorrow’s hobbies. Fishing, hunting, making primitive tools, sewing, quilting. Why not give them a try today and see which ones you like best? Better to start now because you can stockpile specialized tools and gear you won’t be able to get post-collapse.

#8. Songs

Singing songs is something we used to do a lot as kids. Today, we’ve gotten so lazy that we prefer listening to them. But when the world goes silent, we’ll have to find our voice to remind ourselves of better days.

Hint: you may want to write down the lyrics of your favorite songs.

Final Word

These were just a few suggestions but, if you have more, feel free to add them in a comment below.


Dan F. Sullivan



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