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Did you know?

  • Hot Water Wastes Energy

    The USA alone could save $28 billion and 197,166,400,000 pounds of carbon each year if people switched to using cold water for laundry!

  • Detergent Contains Toxic Chemicals

    Even “natural detergents” contain harmful surfactants (cleaning agents) and perfumes that are hard on the environment and our skin.

  • Detergent Doesn’t Kill Bacteria

    Detergent and hot water alone do not kill bacteria and mold. And it wastes a lot of energy and is hard on clothes. pureWash Pro kills 99.9% of bacteria and mold with cold water.

For most families, the energy used to do laundry is a significant contributor to a home’s total energy expense. In fact, a typical family of four in the USA can save $600/yr and significantly reduce pollution by switching to a cold water, detergent-less solution.