Tippy Toes Tip Top Healthy Dogs Giveaway – 4 Winners!

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Joint Supplement for Tip Top Healthy Dogs Giveaway

4 Winners! Each winner receives TWO bottles of supplements for their precious pooch!

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Tippy Toes Pet Boutique

Joint Supplement for Tip Top Healthy Dogs Giveaway

Tippy Toes Pet Boutique is a family owned business that cares about you and your pet! They offer a 100% guarantee with their product that happens to be MADE in the USA. Your dog will love the taste and take it easily. Please see the full review here.

Now Tippy Toes Pet Boutique is offering you a chance to win TWO bottles of Joint Supplement for Tip Top Healthy Dogs for your precious canine friend. Not only that but there will be 4 winners!

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Silverquine Animal Wound Dressing Gel #silverquineforpets

Silverquine Animal Wound Dressing Gel


Silver as a Wound Dressing!

This is a very easy to use ointment for animal cuts, burns and abrasions. None of my animals have had a reason for me to use it since I received it but I will be trying it out soon when we shear sheep. There is always a cut or two at shearing time. Sometimes they get cut on the barbed wire fence and I was always looking for something to apply that will prevent infection. This is perfect for that. I don’t have to worry about synthetic antibiotics and their side effects. It is always good to have something like this on hand in case of emergencies. This is special for animals so it is good to know that it will not harm them. I am always scared to use a medication that is meant for humans on my animals so this will be handy when something does come up.


From the manufacturer:

SILVERQUINE Animal Wound Dressing is a water-base hydro gel wound dressing for use in moist wound care management. The gel contains silver that may help inhibit the growth of microorganisms within the dressing.

SILVERQUINE Animal Wound Dressing Gel has been evaluated in standard tests that show it can reduce the level of common microorganisms.

Indications for Use:
Topical management of:
  • Minor Cuts
  • Lacerations
  • Abrasions
  • 1st and 2nd Degree Burns
  • Skin Irritations

It has been known for over a century that certain preparations of silver have germicidal properties. As a result, prior to the invention of modern day antibiotics, silver was used to help treat wounds and other types of infections in animals. With the development of natural antibiotics, silver preparations were phased out in favor of synthetic antibiotics. Unfortunately, over the course of the past 25 years, multiple bacteria have developed resistance to common antibiotics on the market today. In some circumstances, prolonged courses of expensive antibiotics have to be used to get a minimal response and expose your pet to potent side effects. Worse yet, some antibiotics are totally ineffective in some cases. As a result, the pet industry is in urgent need of new technology that has broad spectrum antimicrobial activity to reduce wound healing times and reduce the risk of side effects from current treatments.

Silverquine Animal Wound Dressing is a new, unique, nano-particulate based silver that is very different from the synthetic antibiotics used for the past 80 years in the animal arena. Our technology is ALL NATURAL and contains no alcohol or synthetic chemicals that inhibit stem cell activity or epithelization. In addition, the silver in our animal wound dressing gel is not just another silver. Silverquine Animal Wound Dressing consists of silver nanomolecules (less than .015 micrometers in size) with an interior metallic silver and an exterior of ionic silver suspended within a water molecule.

Go to the manufacturer’s website for more info:      Silverquine

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AllProvide Dog Food #Allprovide

AllProvide Dog Food


Best Way To Go Raw!

This is very high quality dog food. It is meant to be part of a raw diet. Unfortunately my dogs will not eat it raw. They love raw steak and beef chunks but because this is ground up and with other ingredients, it just does not appeal to them when raw. I cook for them and usually give them several items on their dinner plates but they ate around this when it was raw. I started partially cooking it and then they ate it just fine. I know it is virtually fat free because when it is cooked there is no fat at all coming out of it. It is very healthy for them.

It came in a styrofoam cooler and was still mostly frozen when it arrived even though the temperatures were in the high 90’s here at the time. It was packed very well.


Overall, this would be great food once they get used to eating it, or if you can start them out as puppies with it. You could also try to cook it less and less so they get used to it. It is also great just to have some on hand in your freezer in case you run out of the food you usually make for them.  If you already feed a raw diet, this is a lot easier and more convenient.


From the manufacturer:

Allprovide’s fresh dog food is made from all-natural, restaurant quality ingredients. The food can be served naturally (raw) or cooked in its microwavable pouches. It comes frozen and should be refrigerated. ​Meal options include chicken, turkey or beef and the recipes are gluten, grain and soy free for dogs sensitive to allergies.

It is a natural, healthy alternative to highly processed, pre-packaged kibbles that are made with chemicals and byproducts.

Our dog food uses only USDA select meats and USDA grade A poultry. We blend these together with wholesome, fresh vegetables and all natural ingredients to produce balanced complete meals that meet the AAFCO guidelines for nutrition. Allprovide foods are based on the Bone and Raw food diet, but made convenient and safe. We are proud to say that our pet food is made in America and we only buy human grade, restaurant quality ingredients as our goal is to make the best pet foods possible.

Allprovide is based out of Norcross, Georgia where they’ve invested $2 million in a state-of-the-art, climate controlled facility. The fresh ingredients come from select Georgia farmers and farmers’ markets and all of the food is triple-tested for quality.

Go to the manufacturer’s website for more info:    AllProvide


1st Time Starter Box, Save 50%, Beef, Chicken + Turkey (9lbs)

Enter “STARTERBOX” at checkout in the coupon box to receive the 50% discount.

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.