Ozeri Ultra 42 inch Wind Fan Giveaway!

Ozeri Ultra 42 inch Wind Fan Giveaway! ($130 ARV)

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Rabbit Hole Hay Review and Giveaway! #rabbitholehay

Rabbit Hole Hay

Rabbit Hole Hay Review and Giveaway!

This is very high quality hay.  It comes in a plastic bag inside a box.  It is very clean and fresh.  It is loaded with nutrients.  Your rabbits, guinea pigs, hamster, gerbils and other small pets will love it!

Rabbit Hole Hay

From the manufacturer:

Timothy Hay is high in fiber and low in protein and calcium content ideal for keeping the digestive tracts of rabbits and other small animals functioning properly. Timothy hay can be fed free-choice to your rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and other small animals, and should be a mainstay of any small herbivore’s diet.

What are different cuts?
Second and third cut Timothy Hay are simply the hay that has regrown during the year after the first cut. Depending on the growing season first cut is harvested in the late spring, and second cut is harvested in the late summer. Sometimes a third cut is possible in the early fall.

Nutrient levels?
First and second cut hay vary because the change in the growing season. second cut has slightly higher protein and slightly lower fiber than first cut.

Look and feel?
Second cut hay tends to be softer and leafier than first cut, it is easier for your rabbit to eat. They will usually prefer it and eat more of it than first cut. First cut provides a strong balance of roughage and nutrition for rabbits and other small pets. Its larger seed heads, leaves and stems making it coarser providing a long strand source that promotes natural chewing behavior. Rabbits and other small animals will benefit from these long, coarse strands because it aids in the wearing down of teeth. Molar spurs are a medical condition you will want to avoid as they can be the cause of digestive issues.

Rabbit Hole Hay is the world’s most nutritious hay available anywhere. Farmed in the nutrient-rich beds of the Northern California and Oregon, our hay provides your pets the very best, most delicious hay available.

Go to the manufacturer’s website for more info:   Rabbit Hole Hay

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Dragon’s Heir $50 Book Blast Giveaway!

Heir Teaser
Dragon’s Heir by Kandi J. Wyatt

In the ten winters since Kyanos was defeated, Rider Braidyn and his dragon, Turqueso, have made a place for themselves in the sleepy Boeskay colony. But when two nestlings are stolen from the hatchling cave, Braidyn’s sense of justice leads him on a quest to find the person responsible.
After recovering one nestling, Braidyn recruits his old friends Ruskya and Carryl to help. The friends travel to a faraway desert colony where they find a group of riders with different customs, and meet a beautiful young woman who could be the key to finding the missing nestling. Can Braidyn learn to temper justice with mercy, or will he risk losing everything?
Journey along in this exciting fantasy world in the spellbinding second installment of the Dragon Courage series, Dragon’s Heir, by Kandi J Wyatt.

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