Chef’s Star Stainless Steel Compost Bin #composting


Great For Organic Gardening!

This is a beautiful compost bin. It looks great in the kitchen. It has replaceable charcoal inserts in the lid to prevent odor. The cover keeps the bugs out. I have a vegetable garden so this really comes in handy.


I put all of my vegetable scraps in it and will be using the compost to grow vegetables in my garden. This is a better solution than wasting the scraps by throwing them away. The compost will make my vegetable plants grow better without using chemicals.


Since it is a gallon size, it holds about a week’s worth of scraps. It is very well-made and sturdy.8

FlowLosity Garden Hose Fireman Style Nozzle #FlowLosity


Very Versatile Heavy-Duty Hose Nozzle!

This is a great hose nozzle. It is very easy to use. It has numerous settings for types of flows and patterns. It can shoot water with high pressure a far distance if need be, but is also gentle around small tomato seedlings. It is very heavy-duty so should last a long time.


From the manufacturer:

Spray nozzle gives you the perfect stream of water needed for any job. Whether you’re gardening, washing the car or cleaning around the house, our Hose Nozzle is the perfect accessory to tackle any job.

Best for Watering Lawns, Flowers and Shrubs, Washing Pets. House, Car, Patio and Deck

Not limited to 5 clicks or 8 clicks. With our well-made fireman style nozzle you can adjust the water flow to exactly what you need to get the job done perfectly.

You won’t need to buy another hose nozzle when you own this one. The QUALITY is AMAZING.
Not made from fiberglass plastic or aluminum. Our nozzle is made from brass, zinc alloy and stainless steel, which are stronger metals and made to last longer. Also, there are no breakable parts. You don’t want to buy a cheaper nozzle made with plastic insides or any trigger style that
could easily break.

Eliminates hand fatigue caused by hard to squeeze trigger style nozzles. Our fireman style nozzle is much easier to use and can be held for longer periods of time with no strain on your hand.

This product can be purchased from Amazon here:


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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Abundant Living Deluxe Heirloom Gardening Kit Giveaway! #AbundantLiving

Enter to #Win an #AbundantLiving Deluxe Heirloom Gardening Kit

Save Money While Providing Your Family the Healthiest Produce Available!

Enter to #Win an #AbundantLiving Deluxe Heirloom Gardening Kit

Kit includes:
•  Hard-copy Intro to Gardening Book that Helps from Planning Your Garden to Preserving Your Harvest
• 24 Jiffy Peat Pots, 1 Kitchen Sheer, 1 Set of Latex Glove
• 14 Varieties of Seeds: Heirloom, Non-Hybrid, Non-GMO, Open-Pollinated, Year-Round Production

LifeWell Hori Hori Garden Knife #LifeWell


Great Multi-Purpose Garden Tool!

This is a great multi-purpose garden tool. It makes gardening a lot easier. It is great for planting, weeding, chopping, etc. I have it with me all the time when I am in the garden and it really has come in handy. It is sharp enough to cut into the soil without getting a shovel. The measurements are great for planting seeds and bulbs. I also use it in my greenhouse for mixing potting soil and repotting plants. It is very well-made, strong and sturdy. The sheath helps to protect it and keeps it handy on your belt. It should last for years to come.


From the manufacturer:

  • ✓ Highest Quality RUST-RESISTANT STAINLESS STEEL HORI HORI KNIFE, enjoyed by gardeners, landscapers and horticulturalists worldwide. This versatile tool DIGS, PLANTS, WEEDS, CUTS, SAWS and MEASURES, all in one tool!
  • ✓ The 6 3/4 inch JAPANESE GARDEN KNIFE blade has deep graduation marks on the concave face for accurate transplanting. One edge is a super-sharp straight GARDEN KNIFE and the other a TRIPLE_POINT SERRATED edge which has been proven to STAY SHARP much longer than other serration patterns. With strength and versatility, this garden knife will slice through roots, dig out weeds, open garden bags and split pots, you name it, this is the gardener’s best friend!
  • ✓ Unlike most Hori-Hori knives, this one has a triple-pin FULL TANG HANDLE. This means it is much more robust, and will stand up to a LifeTime of usage. The beautiful polished handle is 100% hardwood for full durability.
  • ✓ The knife comes with a HEAVY DUTY NYLON SHEATH with belt loop. Do NOT be lured by leather sheaths – the concave blade shape will slice through stiff leather in no time, plus rot when exposed to the natural moisture in your garden. Our Nylon Sheath will last you as long as the blade does!
  • ✓ Comes packaged in a classy gift box with a LIFETIME WARRANTY and 30-Day 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee, PLUS BONUS 50-page eBook – step by step guide to growing the 10 most common home grown vegetables!

Go to the manufacturer’s website for more info:    LifeWell

This product can be purchased from Amazon here:


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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.