Sagebrush Valley Ranch Sheep Manure Teabags!


Sagebrush Valley Ranch Sheep Manure Teabags

Sheep Manure tea from our rare Navajo-Churro Sheep is great for your plants and garden.  We handpick the manure and then dry it in the sun before packaging it.


Directions for use:

Soak tea bag in large jug or bucket of water overnight or for 2-3 days depending on how concentrated you want it. Use tea to water plants or as a foliar feeding. Tea bag may be reused several times. Tea bags may be composted when finished.

Makes a great gift for any gardener!

Available in 3″x5″, 4″x6″ and 5″x7″ muslin drawstring bags.

Muslin bags are made in the USA of unbleached cotton.

3″ x 5″ Teabags – Set of 5

$15.00 Free Shipping!

Check out the Sagebrush Valley Ranch website for more information or to purchase.

Predator Guard Scare Tape – Bird Repellent Tape

Predator Guard Scare Tape


Great Idea!

We have several fruit trees and a garden. We always have a problem with birds. One year they ate all our fruit. This tape deters them from landing without harming them. It reflects the sun like mirrors so they can’t land. We also have a problem with woodpeckers but have not seen them since putting some of the tape in the trees they like best. It was a little late in the season when I received this to test it on everything but just putting a strip or two out keeps them from landing. Next year I will be putting it everywhere and see if it will save my garden. A lot comes on a roll. It is easy to use. The tape is strong and seems like it will last several years even in the wind and weather. 

Tape4  Tape2 Tape3

From the manufacturer:

Keep Birds & Wild Animals Away From Your Precious Gardens, Livestock & Property!

Predator Guard Scare Tape frightens birds and other daytime predators
and keeps them far away from yards, gardens, rooftops, parks, ponds, boat docks,
private beaches, patios, balconies, any open outdoor area or any semi-enclosed area
with access to light and wind.

Simply attach strips of holographic scare tape to areas where birds & other animals
have become a nuisance and the wind and sun will move and reflect off the flash tape
creating a visual and audio annoyance zone birds & animals will want to avoid.

PREDATOR GUARD SCARE TAPE IS USED BY FARMERS & PROPERTY OWNERS AROUND THE WORLD – to frighten birds and other daytime predators and keep them far away from gardens, crops, property, boats & docks.

SCARE TAPE USES VISUAL AND SOUND EFFECTS TO SCARE BIRDS AND OTHER ANIMALS AWAY – The shiny mylar material shimmers in the sunlight, reflecting light in all directions and disorienting nuisance birds & animals. Scare Tape also creates a metallic noise as it flaps in the wind, adding an additional threatening sound to keep pest birds & animals away

SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE, LONG-LASTING – Easy to install in any area with access to light &/or wind

HUMANE, ECO-FRIENDLY – SCARE TAPE is proven to help wildlife and pest bird populations by causing them to migrate to more natural habitat areas where they are free from harm.

GUARANTEED PROTECTION FROM DAMAGE CAUSED BY BIRDS AND WILD ANIMALS – 2 inch x 100 foot roll covers 4000 square feet of area

Go to the manufacturer’s website for more info:   Predator Guard 

This product can be purchased from Amazon here:

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How you can help the bees

How you can help the bees

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