Is it Time to Renovate Your Home?

When does a home change from “new” to “lived in” to downright shabby? Over time, even the most beautiful home will be in need of an upgrade. Whether a home renovation involves repainting walls or replacing floors and installing a gourmet kitchen, master bedroom and spa, the fact is that a home remodel will involve time, money and planning in order to be successful.

Many homeowners get solid ideas for their remodel by reviewing the photos in home interior design magazines and websites. This can be a smart way to start looking at how color schemes look in a home, and to see what other approaches homeowners have used. Once the plan ideas have started to solidify, it’s smart to start searching for an experienced general contractor to oversee the job.

Finding a Contractor

Contractor leads can be found by looking in the listings in contractor websites. There are some quality sites out there now that offer information on local contractors, with referrals and samples of past work. This can be a very valuable source of information, and offers a way to quickly find the right choice for the job.

Once the right contractor has been found, the homeowner can schedule a free phone consultation and review their renovation ideas. From there, an agreement can be drawn up and the real planning can begin.

An experienced contractor can draw up plans for the overall remodel, and go over ideas with the client while still in the planning phase. They can make suggestions for materials and discuss the practicality of certain ideas. All of this should be discussed at length while the project is being planned, before any money is spent on supplies or on workers. Changing the plans after the work has begun should be avoided at all costs.

Dealing With Costs

Of course taking on a home renovation will involve costs, which is why planning carefully is so important. Many homeowners take out a home equity loan to pay for their remodel, and if a loan can be attained at a low interest rate, this can be a wise approach. Ultimately, if a remodel is done successfully, it can definitely add to the market value of a home, as well as to the enjoyment of it.

So, is remodeling your home the right choice? If so, start checking the online contractor listings sites, and start planning today.

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  1. As far as renovating your home to increase value, people often look closely at the kitchen and bathrooms. However, before they even enter the home, they’ve already began to form an opinion and make judgements of the home. That’s why the exterior, or ‘curb appeal’ of your home is important. My website shows some examples of exterior renovations that are possible:

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